Horizon2020 funded EIC Accelerator project

Flying away from aircraft wiring

The amount of wiring in any aircraft is remarkable. If stretched out, the wires that run within the Airbus A380 plane, for instance, could connect Brussels with Zurich. This is 500 km. What is more, the cabling weighs 7.5 tonnes. This adds to fuel consumption and costs money in terms of installation, maintenance and retrofitting. The EU-funded Project Racoon initiative is working to change this by making wireless as effective as wires. The German software company R3 has developed a world-first ‘cooperative diversity’ between transmitters to leverage all the chips in a system as ‘assistant senders’ to each other. Short of replacing all the wiring in a plane, the project will aim to develop flexible wireless controls to enhance safety and create return on investment across aviation.


WP1: Project Management

Carry out the management, co-ordination and reporting activities necessary to:

  • Structure project activities and...

WP2: Perfecting a TDMA wireless architecture

This WP will create a TDMA architecture for non-critical intra-cabin aircraft control applications (lin particular...

WP3: Advanced System Design for Safety-Critical Applications

In contrast to non-critical control functions in the air craft cabin, safety-critical functionality requires...

WP4: Design of wireless transmitter hardware and application interfaces

Building commerciolize ready wireless transmitter for the control/infrastructure component with a form factor M.2 30x...

WP5: Testing and Integration

A central aspect of the solution to be provided by R3 Communications to the avionics industry is a functional...

WP6: Business planning for commercial launch across all aviation sectors

Build a complete, detailed business plan for full commercialisation of the technical fruits of this projectEngage with...

WP7: Pre-Commercial activities in the safety-critical field

This work package will undertake the commercial, regulatory and certificatory work required to prepare thetechnology...

Project duration: 01.02.2020 - 31.01.2022



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation
programme under grant agreement No 947485.

Racoon on CORDIS